How a Simple *JUICE HACK* Helped Me Reclaim My Body…

Read About My Journey From Super Sized to Super Fit…


REALLY…..Go Ahead! Call my husband and I food snobs!

We LOVE going out to eat! You’re a liar if you say YOU don’t! LOL

For years into our marriage we were carefree and had a ton of fun together.

After having 3 kids I noticed things started to change for us, but me personally. I was physically and emotionally drained.

After the first two kids it was pretty easy to lose the pregnancy weight, but after the third child it was nearly impossible.

For years my weight would swing up and down uncontrollably.

Of course, 2021 and 2022 came and along with it Covid hit. I was laid off from work for almost two years. I became a stay at home grandma and became the heaviest I’d ever been. I felt terrible!🥹

I became tired, sluggish and always unhappy!

It seemed like everything came crashing in on me!